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There Are Two Elements to Paradox Kids: Social Events & Teachings

About Once a Month, We Get Together for Social Events So That Our Children May Build Long-Lasting Relationships with Each Other

If you want to be notified of upcoming social events for Paradox Kids, please send us an email here and include your phone number.

Every Saturday Morning at 9:15, Parent Teachers Lead Paradox Kids to Share the Good News of the God Who Loves Them


You can find examples of our previous Paradox Kids series by scrolling down further on this page.
If you have any questions email us here.


For Lent, we told seven stories about Jesus including temptations, Nicodemus, ableism, Mary of Bethany, Palm Sunday, and Passover, all in way designed to inspire our children to become more loving people.

Stories about Jesus
February 2023-April 2023

God Is Right Here
January 2023-February 2023

For Epiphany, we honored the journey of the Magi by discussing how God is right here, in your lifetime, in your own experience. Our teachers shared how they had seen the wonder of the divine in their own lives, and gave kids tools to help them discover God in the ordinary.

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November 2022-December 2022

For Advent, we discussed hope, and how so many cultures from so many different places grounded themselves in hope at the end of each year. We heard about Swedish Christmas traditions, Jewish Hannukah celebrations, and Chinese New Year!

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