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Sermons at Paradox are designed to start discussions, not end them.

From September 24-November 20, we are inviting all of you to keep the conversations going by joining a discussion group.


If you join, you'll meet every week (or every other week) with others from Paradox who are all trying to understand how to become more loving people. 

Some groups will meet in-person, other groups will meet online, and some groups will be a hybrid of online and in-person.

You don't have to read anything extra. The discussion revolves around the sermon that was preached the previous week at Paradox.

What we often hear from people who participate is, "I wasn't going to sign up, I wasn't that excited about it, and then I showed up...within just a few minutes I realized that I was with my people!"

If you have children, we'll even reimburse your expenses for childcare (specific details to come). We are doing this because we strongly believe that Discussion Groups are the best way for to experience Paradox. 

Sign-ups open on September 10, and the groups launch on October 1. 

If you want to be reminded about when it's time to sign up, send an email to

If you have any questions about Discussion Groups, send an email to

We can't wait for you to experience Paradox through a Discussion Group!

Download Discussion Group Questions from September 24 Sermon

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