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Contradictions in the Bible often divide people into two camps.


The first group, who we will call The Believers, do whatever they can to ignore every contradiction they encounter. They do this in an effort to preserve the integrity and the value of the Bible, because in The Believers' minds, nothing is more important to the Bible than perfection.

The second group, who we will The Doubters, highlight as many contradictions as possible. They hold these contradictions up as a justification for their dismissal of the Bible, because in The Doubters' minds, nothing undermines the Christian tradition quite like a Bible that is imperfect.


But what if there was a third way to experience the contradictions of scripture? 

We believe it's possible to embrace Biblical contradictions as spiritual teachers.


We found that when we hold the contradictions close, they reveal something profound about the character of God.

We discovered that holding the contradictions in scripture enables us to hold a wider diversity of voices in our lives today.

For this reason, we created a seven-part film series on the contradictions of scripture.


Our goal is that these films will help you to hold the wonderful imperfections of scripture, and then see the inspiration of God beyond the scripture.

These films are meant to be digested in small discussion groups, so we've included discussion questions for you to go over these films with your friends, your families , your church, or your social group. These conversations may be difficult to have with each other, but we believe they are conversations worth having.

May these films help you to accept and love all of the Bible and not just the convenient parts.


PROVERBS 26:4 & 5

This film asks and then answers the question, "Where did Christians get the idea that the Bible needs to be inerrant?"

The answer will (most likely) surprise you.

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MATTHEW 27:37, MARK 15:26, LUKE 23:38, & JOHN 19:19

There are four different accounts of the words on the cross.

At best, only one of the Gospel writers can be right. 

Which means at least three of them are wrong.

Download Discussion Questions for This Film Here

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MATTHEW 21, MARK 11, LUKE 19, & JOHN 11

When we ask the Gospel writers, "What events led to the crucifixion of Jesus from Nazareth?"

We get four very different answers.

This film will premiere on May 28.

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2 KINGS 23:28-30 & 2 CHRONICLES 35:20-27

2 Kings and 2 Chronicles both record the death of King Josiah.

But they record conflicting histories

about why King Josiah had to die.

This film will premiere on June 4.

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MATTHEW 28:1-10, MARK 16:1-8, LUKE 24:1-12, & JOHN 20:1-18

Four men recorded the historical event of the resurrection.

They recorded contradicting people, contradicting angels, and contradicting events taking place during the resurrection.

This film will premiere on June 11.

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The first chapter of the Bible contains a creation story.


The second chapter of the Bible contains

an entirely different creation story. 

This film will premiere on June 18.

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So what do we do with the contradictions in the Bible?

This look back examines how contradictions in scripture

reveal the character of God.

This film will premiere on June 18.

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