Mandy Cordero

Paradox Youth Pastor


After an eclectic journey through all the majors during her first two years of college (accounting, nursing, education, communication, writing), Mandy flew to Southeast Asia to teach English. While there, she began attending church regularly for the first time in her life. And she fell in love. In addition to being completely taken with this vast, creative, and personal God, Mandy discovered what a gift it is to walk alongside individuals and communities as they encountered this God together through a variety of life’s experiences. 


Mandy returned to California where she finished her undergraduate degree in English: Writing, minoring in Religious Studies, and she went on to complete her Masters in Theological Studies at La Sierra University in 2019. During this time, she served as a pastor, taught high school religion, and organized a number of conferences for youth. 


Mandy finds joy and meaning in walking alongside high school students and kiddos, creating spaces for curiosity, faith, doubt, and wonder in the Divine.


In addition to serving as the Paradox Youth Pastor, Mandy is currently finishing her chaplain residency at the Loma Linda VA Hospital.

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