Craig Hadley

Lead Pastor

A few years ago, Craig enrolled in the architecture program at Montana State University.

While there, he was introduced to a wide diversity of people and faiths that he had never experienced before. 

This diversity exposed the narrow understanding of God that Craig possessed. Craig faced a daunting question, "Does God only love a small, select, group of people who believe the right things or does God really love every living person?"

God, of course, must be a God who loves everyone.

This is the testament of Jesus Christ.

And Craig's faith changed.

He graduated from Montana State University, and immediately enrolled at La Sierra University. After a few years, he earned his Masters of Divinity degree.

After a few more years, Craig and the Founding Board established Paradox Church.

God still regularly exposes the narrow understanding of God that Craig has.

And Craig's faith continues to change.

At Paradox, Craig's greatest joy is to walk through life with others as he and they experience the ever-expanding-and-overflowing-excess of God's love. 

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