Adam Washington

Administrative Pastor

Adam grew up in Oceanside, California and loves the Southern California weather and lifestyle. Throughout his elementary and high school years, he developed a passion for music, which led to him being heavily involved in church worship culture throughout his life.


Adam graduated from college in 2015 with a Batchelor’s degree in Theology, and loves exploring the beautiful, strange, challenging, and inspiring words scripture. He served as an associate pastor for four years in the Napa Valley before joining the church staff at Paradox in the summer of 2019.


As the Administrative Pastor at Paradox, Adam hopes to make everyone’s work more enjoyable, while we continually discover a God that is so far beyond any human understanding, and paradoxically so near in every person’s heart.


In his free time, you can usually find Adam recording music, playing basketball, and spending time with his awesome wife Ariana. 

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