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As the Elders of Paradox, we are charged to cultivate the spiritual life of our church. 


This responsibility compels us to make a statement of full celebration and affirmation for women everywhere.


We came to this conclusion after more than three years of extended study in the Holy Bible, sustained prayer asking for God’s guidance, and growing in relationship as a church body.


Therefore, may everyone who comes into contact with us know that we here at Paradox…


…worship a Divine Being who embodies characteristics of all genders, and we equally celebrate feminine, masculine, and gender-neutral images and metaphors for God.


…live with the conviction that women are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of Christ. 


…recognize that the feminine perspective is necessary for understanding the Holy Bible.


…ordain female pastors with equal spiritual authority and promote women at all levels of church leadership.


… advocate for every woman's right to make choices about her body including clothing, health care, abortion, sexuality, and wellbeing.


…believe survivors of sexual harassment and assault and commit to making Paradox a safe space for all. 

...hold space for intersectionality in feminism, recognizing that multiple factors such as race, sexuality, and class inform the feminine experience and contribute to various degrees of oppression and inequality that women face.


…appreciate all identities and gender expressions within womanhood including trans women and all variations of gender for those who identify as women. 


… celebrate the diversity of femininity, the positivity of all body shapes and sizes, and every woman’s individuality, including her role in the body of Christ and the greater community. 


We say and commit to all of these things in order to bring glory and honor to God, to love others as we love ourselves, and to love God with all of our heart, mind, and soul.




The Elders of Paradox Church

The Feminine Divine Background Only.jpg


No more shame

No more penance

No more second

See her equality rising

The Feminine Divine Background Only.jpg


Never forget you are woman, divine,

as you have been from the start.

The Feminine Divine Background Only.jpg


I just want each and every young lady

to know that you are beautiful today.

The Feminine Divine Background Only.jpg


I am strong

I am invincible

I am woman

The Feminine Divine Background Only.jpg


Although the welcoming of a new life is often marked as time of great joy and happiness, 

the experience of growing and birthing a tiny human can also bring to light anxieties and fears.

The Feminine Divine Background Only.jpg

I am

Society calls me inferior

but it's a lie!

They are just scared of how powerful I am!

The Feminine Divine Background Only.jpg


Can you hear us?

Can you hear us now?

Now we have a choice

because I have a voice.

The Feminine Divine Background Only.jpg


You are the sound the universe makes

The sound of light, itself

You are the sound the universe makes

The sound of God, Herself.

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